Q&A with Lygia Valezi: Digital Strategist + Content Producer

- ByThe Social Agency

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Lygia Valezi, our Digital Strategist and Content Producer, who also happens to be a talented graphic designer. We’re excited to share this Q&A to give you a sense of Lygia’s broad range of talents. She’s become a huge asset to our clients in the short time she’s been with us and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

The Social Agency (TSA) What inspires you most about the world of social media right now?

Lygia Valezi (LV): It inspires me that, slowly, people are realizing that social media is not an “entity” owned by a few major Silicon Valley players, but it’s created and reinvented every day by and for the users. It is great to see online communities holding Facebook accountable for their horrible handling of personal information; Instagram rolling back features that were taken away only for profit; more websites accepting cryptocurrencies; and so on. It is also fantastic to see so much quality content being created by talents that probably would not have space in the traditional media – being young and inexperienced is not a barrier for showcasing your best work anymore.

TSA: How has living and working in both Brazil and Canada given you a unique perspective on marketing?

LV: When moving to a different country you have to face numerous challenges and be prepared to adapt quickly to any environment you find, but the good thing is that this newly-acquired adaptability will transfer to all aspects of your life. Living in such a multicultural city has improved my work more than I could predict. Today, it’s easier for me to recognize the differences and particularities of each audience and develop strategies tailored to their needs, working with their set of values and strengths.

To me, everyone working with marketing and communication should allow themselves to experience a different culture for at least a little while. This pushes you to come out of your comfort zone and is the quickest way to a perspective shift, which is a huge advantage in marketing.

TSA: What is the one piece of advice you give most to the clients you work with?

LV: Have realistic expectations and goals related to your campaign, results, and budget. That does NOT mean to dream small or stay accommodated in your “little box”, but to know exactly what can be done to overcome any obstacles and how hard you need to work to get to the next level without frustrations. Once you set reasonable goals, there is nothing more exciting than achieving and reassign them! Oh, and a quote I love mentioning: “There is nothing more expensive than bad design – Good design is good business.”