When you’re all marketed out

- ByThe Social Agency

If you’d rather cry than send out your next event invite, press release, or social media update, chances are you’re suffering from PR burnout. Happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just can’t take another Facebook maybe. Yet, we know that marketing is essential and you’ve gotta bounce back to your promo self asap.
Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Stop obsessing. It’s the number one cause of burnout. Checking Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, emails- plus trolling newspapers and magazines to see who’s out there talking about your business or product- it can feel like a neurotic search for affirmation. The best way to stop obsessing is to develop a step-by-step strategic plan (complete with daily checklist), follow your list, and when your work-day is over, leave it behind. Don’t take one last look at your fan numbers or re-tweets before dinner. Don’t lay in bed thinking of what you have to do the next day. Just leave it behind. And come back refreshed the next day.

2. Sometimes less is more. It’s better to promote less than send out inauthentic, irrelevant or boring messages. Need we say more?

3. If your burnout runs a tad deeper and you need a longer break from marketing, be proactive now and plan your upcoming campaigns so that you give yourself two or three weeks of promotional downtime every few months. We recommend a yearly business calendar. Build your calendar with your sanity in mind. It’ll keep you sharp.

4. Another great option (call anytime) is to outsource your marketing to a capable agency for a month or two. This will not only give you an extended breather but it’s a great way to pick up some new strategies, promotional style and breath new life into your campaigns.

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