Tips for WFH + Staying Sane While Social Distancing

- ByThe Social Agency

We are certainly in the midst of some interesting times. Like many, we have temporarily closed our office doors and the whole TSA team is working from our respective homes. For some of us this isn’t a huge transition, half our team generally works from home most of the time anyway! The situation is much different given the COVID crisis. Social distancing means we’re spending all our time at home. Working amidst our partners and kids comes with challenges (that open concept floorplan is feeling very, um… open) as well as some unexpected perks (there’s always someone to offer up a coffee refill…it’s all about the small things these days!).

We’re all in this together. It’s in this spirit we’re sharing the following WFH + social distancing tips. Good vibes included.

Monica, co-founder + communications director:

  • I’ve been doing online yoga classes with Victoria-based which is amazingly offering free access for two months to help people in self isolation. I’ve also been tapping into lots of great online meditation and wellness gatherings discovered through my Head + Heart community!

  • For cultural inspiration, quite a few musician friends I know are offering online concerts. My friend Meredith Bates recently offered a free live streamed concert on Facebook through her org The Vancouver Improvised Arts Society. More coming!

  • To keep my kids entertained, we’ve been baking. Today, we made muffins AND brownies by 9:00am. Now they are running up and down the stairs!

Channing, our Ottawa-based writer + strategist:

  • Because a lot of folks have switched to using Zoom, we decided to train ourselves to use it AND get some at-home cardio through 15 minute dance parties with our friends every couple of nights.

  • For virtual get-togethers, I’m all over Mozilla Hubs and Houseparty.

  • Podcasts are helping my family keep up with the housework involved in having everyone at home: try Ologies or You’re Dead To Me for a funny and informative listen. Our kids enjoy Brains On and Story Nory!

  • Now that we’re homeschooling, we’ve re-set our Netflix to default to French, so the kids get some review in during toon time – and we found some great kid’s yoga videos en francais so the kids can get moving while they learn.

Sonam, account manager:

  • Listening to music while working to drown out background noise, aka my family (lol). (Thanks, Spotify!)

  • Trying to keep on tracking with healthy eating by continuing to meal prep my lunches on the weekend.

  • Cooking more/trying new recipes! My favorite sources are Yummly App and Skinnytaste.

  • Getting some movement after work by jogging outside or using the Nike Training Club app.

  • Cleaning and organizing things.

Krystal, publicist + strategist:

  • Facetime-ing different friends and family at least once a day to entertain the kiddos and also for some social interaction.

  • Implementing a mandatory quiet time (i.e. nap for the 1 year old while 3 year old plays quietly or reads independently) so I can get some work done in the afternoons.

  • Trading off childcare in shifts with my husband, so that one of us always has an eye on the kids if the other person is working.

  • Dance party, group stretch/work out, or a nature walk at some point in the day to make sure we stay active.

Joanna, account manager:

  • Starting my vegetable garden early this year. It’s fun and educational at the same time for my kiddo.

  • Cooking and baking all the recipes I’ve always wanted to try. Again, this is something I try to include my toddler in.

  • Spending time alone everyday, even if it’s just for half an hour or an hour.

  • Limiting my news consumption to once a day.

  • Currently reading: Sapiens: A brief history of humankind.

  • Watching: live streams from Royal Opera House

  • Just for fun: How Much Toilet Paper?!

Kirstin, co-founder + creative director:

  • Daily hike with my dog (thankful to live close to trails!).

  • Finally relenting and getting the kids get Disney+ (will admit I am excited to finally re-watch Lady and the Tramp).

  • Online Modo Yoga classes.

  • Getting caught up on my reading. For work: Building a Story Brand. For me: Untamed.

  • Letting the kids cook (and clean up) more.

  • Happy hour Zoom calls with my girlfriends.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!