Top Tips for Protecting your Skin from Sun Damage

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We’ve been in for an extra hot summer so far, and while it’s been great to get out and enjoy the sun –  our skin health has definitely been impacted too. We felt we needed to up our skin protection game so we turned to the experts – the lovely, and very knowledgeable team over at BodaHealth. Dr. Jeda Boughton, the founder of BodaHealth, shared the 411 about the harmful effects of UV rays and some quick tips for protecting our skin this summer.

Read on to see what she had to say.

TSA: Hi Jeda! Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice at BodaHealth.

Jeda: I am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I practice acupuncture, herbology, laser therapy and shockwave therapy. I treat people for a broad range of health concerns, my main focus is fertility, women’s health sports injuries and pain.

TSA: So, how harmful are UV rays on our skin?

Jeda: UV rays are very harmful, leading to tissue damage and possibly triggering skin cancer cells. They also contribute to wrinkles, age spots and can damage your eyes.

TSA: Are there any foods which can help protect your skin from sun damage?

Jeda: Sunscreen and staying out of the sun are certainly the best ways to protect our skin from sun damage, but supplements like Omega 3 (also known as fish oils) and antioxidants like blueberries and other dark coloured fruit and veggies are very helpful for protecting skin health.

Medications such as antibiotics can make skin more susceptible to skin damage, so it’s important to know these kinds of side effects of medications people might be taking.

TSA: What kind of treatments do you offer for reducing sun damage to the skin? 

Jeda: The main treatment is cold laser therapy with the Bioflex system. Depending on the issue we also offer Chinese herbal medicine.

TSA: Is sunscreen something that should be used year-round and are there any specific ones which you’d recommend/not recommend?

Jeda: Yes, I use sunscreen on my face year round. Usually a mineral-based sunscreen from Paula’s Choice but I do use both mineral and chemical sunscreens. I avoid perfumes and parabens and when I’m active and know I will be sweating or swimming, I use a sunscreen that’s water resistant. I like the products from Paula’s Choice, Green Beaver and Burt’s Bees. Ombrelle also has some great mineral and non-mineral products for your body and face.

TSA: Any other sun exposure tips to offer to our readers?

Jeda: Don’t rely on food alone to protect your skin from UV rays; remember to re-apply any sunscreen frequently if you’re sweating a lot or in the water; and wear sunglasses that are 100% UVA and UVB protective.

Thank you Jeda for sharing all this key info with us!

If you’re looking to dive deeper into your skin health, we highly recommend checking out the services at BodaHealth. Located in Vancouver (with a gorgeous view of the city!), the clinic focuses on providing natural and effective treatments for many symptoms and conditions. Learn more at