The TSA Guide to working with Summer Brain

- ByKirstin Richter

Summer brain wreaking havoc on your productivity these days?  You aren’t alone my friend. In trying to battle our own sluggish-ness we thought it would be helpful to ask our pals how they manage to get work done when the temperature (finally!) soars.  Here’s four tips:
1.  Take a work vacation.

And by ‘vacation’ we just mean take some time away from your desk. Tell your boss (or yourself) that some professional development is just what you need to be the best employee you can be.  Look for a local conference or, to really get away, look for a deal on Expedia while perusing Mashable’s Guide to Summer Events.

2.  Take a real vacation.

Don’t roll over vacation days into 2011 when you can cash them in now and take advantage of this glorious weather.  And, even more importantly, when you do finally take some holiday time, don’t pack your Blackberry or iPhone.  If you must bring it (it is handy for those e-boarding passes) then at least turn it off as soon as you reach your destination.  Trust us, some time offline will do the body and soul some good.  And just think of all the news you’ll have for your Facebook posse when you get back.

3.  Start early.

So the long to do list on your desk means getting out of the office is not gonna happen anytime soon?  Then it’s time to set your clock ahead.  Take advantage of the early sunrise and head into work early.  Thanks to the light streaming through your windows and the perky bird chorus outside, you’re probably awake anyway so why not get a head start on the day?  This way you can power through some of the more painful to-dos before you’ve even had that second cup of coffee.  Best part: you should be able to leave the office early in order to score a patio seat for Happy Hour.

4.  Don’t check your email.

Well, let’s clarify that a bit.  Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.  And definitely not repeatedly.  Take the advice of productivity guru (and author of The 4-Hour Work Week) Timothy Ferris and schedule set times for email checking and responding. Definitely helps ensure you don’t lose hours of your day to hitting the refresh button.  PS – This goes for Twitter and Facebook too.

Ok, now let’s just see if we can follow our own advice.

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