The Secret to a Successful PR Campaign

- ByKirstin Richter

Is you.

You are the secret sauce. You tell a story. You provide a new perspective.

By highlighting the ‘you’ in your PR outreach, your pitch will stand out. The media aren’t interested in a brochure. They are interested in a story.

Now it’s likely the ‘you’ isn’t actually you. And that’s ok. You just need to figure out who the ‘you’ in your story is. Maybe it’s the founder of your company, maybe it’s the story of how a person on your team solves a problem for your customers in a truly unique way, maybe it’s the way someone on your team has risen to a new level of humanity in the face of a crisis. Maybe you’re offering your own expertise as an industry veteran, to write a guest column for a niche publication. Whether you’re a coach, an animator, an astrologer, the leader of a Fortune 500, or a specialist of any kind, we can say with confidence that yes, you do have a story to tell. The key to a successful pitch is to find the best way to tell it, and to give the media you are targeting something truly valuable, that makes their lives better, too.

Tips to help highlight your story’s you:

  • High res, professional photos and short video clips, ideally with a lifestyle angle that showcases some personality.
  • An engaging quote that really shares your perspective without relying on lingo.
  • A well constructed (but concise!) bio.
  • An updated LinkedIn profile or other public social media accounts that can be linked to.
  • A testimonial about how awesome ‘you’ are to partner with, ideally from someone with some clout of their own.
  • A unique way you’re solving a problem.
  • Relevant and recent studies or stats that backs you up – or, even better, research that you’ve spearheaded – there’s always a story around ‘new findings’.

And, don’t forget the other not-so-secret tips to help ensure a successful PR campaign (cause they do regularly get overlooked!) These include:

  • A catchy subject line and an equally catchy first sentence.
  • Brevity. Get to the point sooner than later.
  • Proof and then proof again!
  • Targeting your media list (quality over quantity) and contacting them individually with a tailored note.
  • Playing the long game. If you want to align with a certain date or season, make sure you are reaching out well in advance.
  • Think niche. If we’re not talking about breaking news, seek out the media outlets in your own community or sector – those niche publications or blogs that would be as excited as you are about what you’re doing.

The final secret to a successful PR campaign? Outsourcing:) Reach out if you are feeling ready to share your story but could use some help. Our team would love to help shine a light on you.