The latest changes on social media’s biggest platforms.

- ByThe Social Agency

Some pretty major changes have been made to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest this season, and here we’ve rounded up the major updates you need to know.

When it rains it pours, and that’s certainly the case here. All three of these platforms have introduced significant algorithm and app updates that are having an impact on accounts of all kinds – both business and personal.

Scroll down to see how these latest changes may affect your accounts:


  • We all saw this one coming – Facebook is now introducing Reels! As the trendy Tik-Tok-like videos have taken over Instagram, they’re now going to be available on Facebook too. Currently, this feature is being rolled out in the US, but expect to see it launch in Canada very soon.

  • If you run ads, you’ll want to make note of this technical change: Pre-campaign audience estimates have changed from ranges to a specific number to align closer to how other networks estimate reach. More on this here.

  • And you may have heard that Facebook’s planning to rebrand as “Meta”. The company wants to become known for all things in the metaverse, not just social media. Zuckerberg explains the reasoning here.


  • Link stickers are now available to everyone on Instagram Stories, and this is a change many of us have been waiting for! No more waiting to hit the 10,000 follower mark to share links through your stories- now anyone can share their links using the stickers. Such a game-changer!

  • The platform is testing “add yours” stickers on Stories, which is a way for brands to create viral chains of content, by sharing a prompt and having IG users add a photo to it.  Take a look at this example here.

  • Text-to-speech features are now available on Reels – so you can easily create voiceovers. No more having to manually type out your speech and add it to a Reel – this feature automatically generates captions for your Reel.

  • The platform has merged IGTV videos and feed videos into one spot: Instagram videos. You’ll notice the new tab on your profile with the play button.


  • Pinterest has redesigned their home feed with new options to easily browse idea pins, which have grown in popularity because they’re saveable, and tend to be more engaging to users than regular pins.

  • Pinterest has introduced a new “Takes” feature – which is a way for people to respond to idea pins with their own idea pins – resulting in more meaningful engagement threads on the content shared. Check out this example from Pinterest.

  • The platform released its first-ever original content series which will feature inspirational idea pins from over 100 creators across the globe (influencers and celebrities vetted by the platform itself). This series is named Creator Originals. More on this here.

  • Pinterest has introduced AR (augmented reality) try-on options on pins, which allows people to virtually try-on products (like makeup, clothes, hair accessories) to see how they look before making a purchase. Take a look at this example here. This is a key change as, according to the platform, “Shoppers on Pinterest spend 80% more than people on other platforms.”

  • Read more about the latest changes here.

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