Ten AI Prompts for Marketers

- ByThe Social Agency

AI is like that friend who remembers everyone’s birthdays. It can help us tailor our marketing campaigns to what our audience really wants. It can also help us with our social media content planning as well as scheduling. And, with AI, a lot of the research can be taken care of in less time which means more time for getting everything else on your list done! But, perhaps, most importantly, AI can help us marketers make choices backed by solid data, not just gut feelings.

Read on for ten AI prompts that can help you with social media, newsletters, emails, and even, media relations. 


1. Use AI to find out what’s trending and hop on the bandwagon before it’s gone. Utilize AI tools such as the Bing extension integrated with ChatGPT, Google Trends for real-time search data, Hootsuite Insights for social media trend analysis, and BuzzSumo for content trend discovery to identify and engage with trending topics swiftly before they fade.

2. AI can tell us what our audience is digging, making our next post even more shareable. AI, through a tool like Sprout Social’s Advanced Listening feature, can tell you what your audience is engaging with, making our next post even more shareable.

3. Use AI-driven chatbots to answer questions when you’re off doing other cool things.

Prompt: “Design a conversational script for a customer service chatbot on our Facebook page.”

4. Let AI, using a tool like Mailchimp’s Send Time Optimization, pick the best time to hit ‘send’ on that newsletter.

5. Use ChatGPT to figure out which subject lines get those opens.

Prompt: “Generate 5 catchy email subject lines for our upcoming sale.”

6. Let ChatGPT give your press release that extra sparkle to catch a journalist’s eye.

Prompt: “Optimize my press release headline for maximum media attention.”

7. Set up alerts for any great (and not-so-great) media attention using a tool like Google Alerts.

8. Use ChatGPT for market research:

Prompt: “Please review these paste customer interactions and feedback and uncover trends and common issues, providing insights into consumer behavior for our marketing strategy.”

9. Use ChatGPT for hashtag research:

Prompt: “Generate a list of trending and relevant hashtags for our next social media campaign.”

10. Use ChatGPT to enhance message clarity and tone:

Prompt: “Refine our marketing message’s clarity and tone to better resonate with our target audience.”


Starting to work with AI can seem daunting, but as you start trying out the different tools and tactics above, you’ll realize it’s all pretty simple. Here are a few AI tools you can get started with. 

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