The do’s and don’ts of writing great social copy.

Sharing a beautiful photo just doesn’t cut it anymore. Strategic copywriting is the heart of every successful social post, and with the growing popularity of long form posts (aka ‘micro blogs’) on both Facebook and Instagram, it’s more important than ever to learn how to write copy that resonates, engages and speaks to your audience.

4 Social Best-Practices You NEED to Know

Keeping abreast of the best practices in social media could be a full time job. (For us, it actually is!) We thought we’d save you a little time this week by sharing 4 must-know tips to making the most of your social efforts: Visual content is important, but written content still rules. That’s right, in […]

Saying Goodbye to Facebook? Think About Your Options

Saying Goodbye to Facebook? Think About Your Options If there’s a social media lesson to be learned *so far in 2014, it’s this: don’t depend on a single network. When Facebook changed its algorithm earlier this year to eliminate “spammy” links, the organic reach of brand pages fell, and the need to boost posts (translation: […]