SXSW 2015: The Bite-Sized Edition

- ByKirstin Richter

Last week Monica and I headed down to Austin for the South By Southwest Interactive Conference. In between all the BBQ and exploring the city renowned for its weirdness, we attended some truly inspiring sessions. From Malcolm Gladwell to Saudi Arabia’s Princess Reema to Jimmy Kimmel, we heard from some of the most creative, successful – and funny! – folks heading up the digital space.
Here are some tidbits (tweets) that really resonated.


  • #BrightspotTheory Zoom in on the good stuff, focus there – @twitter co-founder @biz talking about @superme


  • Best advice? Don’t compare. – Princess Reema of Saudi Arabia / CEO, luxury retailer Alfa Inc.


  • Selfies can be used as focus groups: learn how consumers are using your product. #sellfies


  • Let your customers create the content for your site. #sellfies


  • Photos with no filters perform better. #sellfies


  • Don’t forget to give your customers credit for their photos. #sellfies


  • Train your customers to take photos that meet your brand guidelines. #sellfies


  • Consumer generated photos can be a powerful storytelling tool for your brand. #sellfies


  • Native Advertising is a huge opportunity to get beyond reach into business outcome.


  • The big Q of #nativeadvertising: how to be authentic & transparent on a massive scale, on each platform.


  • Focus on core value and let the rest evolve. – David Rubin, Head of Brand @Pinterest


  • Pinterest is not social media. People are on there for themselves. – David Rubin


  • Facebook is about what just happened. Twitter is about what is happening now. Pinterest is about the future. – David Rubin


  • “Millennials view cars as utility, not a social statement”- @Uber investor @bgurley in conversation with @Gladwell


  • Bill Gurley calls @stewart‘s Slack a ‘once in a decade’ innovative product. #investorcovet


  • Curiousity is the source of all my success. – Hollywood ‘superproducer’ @briangrazer


  • Ideas evolve in that grey area between questions and answers. – @briangrazer #acuriousmind


  • @Honest’s social media strategy: to inspire, educate and listen. – @jessicaalba #honestco


Already looking forward to SXSW 2016!