Quizzes that Convert

- ByThe Social Agency

Here at TSA we’ve been creating quizzes and surveys for our clients for years. We’ve  tried platforms like SurveyMonkey and WooBox, and more recently user-friendly quiz platforms like Typeform. The bottom line: a compelling quiz can help you not only grow but connect with your audience in meaningful, brand-worthy ways. Gone are the days when people will willingly fill out a quick survey to tell you what you want to know. Today’s online audiences demand to be entertained or informed, and one of the best ways to do that is using a witty, interesting quiz that gives them what they want: info, insights or entertainment. Thinking of creating a quiz this year? Here are five quizzes that do a great job.

Personality Quiz

Apotheke Perfume

We’ve all seen the ‘which Sex in the City character are you?- type personality quizzes. These are typically fun, short quizzes that people enjoy doing and are used for lead generation. Personality quizzes work well because people want to know something about themselves. This perfume personality quiz does a great, very creative and beautiful, job of giving people key info while selling Apotheke’s perfumes. Why it works: It’s very pretty, fun to take, brings valuable info, and is helping to grow this brand’s audience.

Product Selection Quiz


Similar to the example above, this quiz from Beardbrand is worthy of a mention because it’s just so witty and uses humour to appeal to male consumers while at the same time growing their leads and selling their products. Both this and the above example serve a dual purpose of helping people find products they want, while using the appeal of a personality quiz. If you’re looking for ways to use humour and wit to captivate your audience, this quiz offers some inspiration.

Wellness Quiz

Head + Heart

This quiz was designed to grow Head + Heart’s community of wellness seekers AND appeal to the needs of this audience by giving people three tangible wellness tips. At the same time, it serves to promote key teachers and practitioners featured in this site’s wellness directory. This quiz developed for Head + Heart brought in 1000 responses (new leads) in the first month.


Showcasing Chopra’s expertise AND building their subscriber list of ayurveda enthusiasts, this quiz does a great job of providing valuable information that people want and tend to be searching for online. It’s meaty enough that it provides people interested in how ayurveda can help them with enough info that they’re willing to complete the quiz and give Chopra their email address. Overall, it’s a great example.

Home Decor Quiz


If you’re in the home decor or home reno biz, we really like how HGTV created this design style quiz with pop culture references to help people figure out their design style and also encourage them to shop corresponding sections on their website- clever and fun!

Ready to launch a quiz for your brand but don’t want to do it yourself? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to create a quiz for your brand that grows + engages your audience in a compelling way. Let’s chat!