Our Wellness Clients Weigh In: Top Tips to Boost Your Immunity

- ByLygia Valezi

It’s official: cold and flu season is upon us. Throw in a global pandemic, and you’ve got many of us extra concerned about keeping our immune systems in top working order this year.

Lucky for us we work with some really knowledgeable local wellness professionals who have kindly shared some great tips on the best ways to boost your immunity. Take a peek!

Shawn Wicks, Nutrition Coach aka The Diabetic Fighter:

“I recommend starting each day with 1000 mg of vitamin C at breakfast, and incorporating 4000-5000mg of D3, and 50 mg of Zinc each day. Drink lots of water, min 2L a day. Also, getting a good sweat going every other day at least. If exercise is not an option, then a hot bath, steam room, or sauna is an excellent alternative. Drinking water and sweating is like changing the oil in your car, very important for ridding the body of toxins. Also, raising your core temperature can help to kill off any potential viruses.”

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Dr. Lisa Ghent, Naturopath and Founder of Collaborative Wellness Ladner:

“Most people don’t realize it, but our gut is our first line of defense in cold/flu season. In fact, the gut holds about 70% of our immune cells! Taking a regular probiotic can help to keep the gut in fighting shape, but not necessarily just any probiotic. Certain strands have been shown through research to help prevent respiratory infections, so if that’s what you need and want protection for. During the fall and winter season be sure to find a probiotic with lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. This powerhouse bacteria has been studied for its role in improving both gastrointestinal and respiratory health. I recommend a probiotic that is enteric coated and is stored in the fridge.”

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Dr. Jeda Boughton, TCM and Acupuncturist and Founder of BodaHealth:

“Wild mushrooms… and hikes in the woods! Use the wild mushrooms to make a soup with lots of garlic and onions. Whole Foods carries them in-season if you don’t feel confident in your foraging knowledge. There are some great immune-boosting mushroom supplements too.”

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Amelie St-Pierre, Energy Healer and Owner of Liberate Your True Self:

“Carry the gemstone Pyrite. Pyrite is wonderful to increase self-empowerment and to deflect negative external influences. It works to support our Solar Plexus which is the center of our will and willpower. Contagion doesn’t happen solely through the physical level, but mostly through the energetic and mental plane. The stronger your will, the less affected you are by the resonance of the collective field. Pyrite also has proven anti-bacterial properties. A second gemstone would be Nuumite, which is one of the oldest stones found on the planet. It is a stone of resilience and energy which also helps to remain grounded and unaffected by external influences.”

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Thank you so much, Shawn, Lisa, Jeda, and Amalie. We will definitely be upping our supplement, mushroom, and gemstone game over at TSA!

Stay safe and be well everyone. ♥