Last week to star in your own cooking show!

- ByMonica Krake

Do you find yourself imagining you’re the star of a cooking show from time to time? Perhaps while you’re doing some especially smooth whisking, a particularly beautiful marinade or have an assortment of ingredients in little white bowls waiting to be mixed, seamlessly, while the cameras roll?
So do we. Which is why, we’re so thrilled to be working with Better Together.

The Better Together Hands-On Cook-Off Contest, happening through September, celebrates delicious food and fun in the kitchen.

The rules are simple. Two generations prepare a recipe, captured on home video. Any old camera will do. The more fun you two are having, while cooking up your fave recipe, the more likely you are to win.

Oh, and did we mention John Bishop is one of our celeb contest judges? You may have heard.

And prizes? Oh just $1000 and $500 gift certificates to Cookworks for first and second prizes or winners can opt for cash ($750 and $375). There’s also a People’s Choice award for most votes.

So, if you plan on cooking at some point this week, why not make it competitive?
(You know, in a friendly way!!)

Details at:

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