Keeping it Reel on Instagram

- ByThe Social Agency

Keeping up with social media best practices can feel challenging at the best of times, and that’s especially true for the always enigmatic Instagram. Trying to determine what content is going to resonate, how to best reach new followers and stave off follower fatigue are the three million dollar questions.

Given the latest changes (and that darn algorithm), we thought it was time to share a little Instagram intel. Below are some insights + findings to help you max your efforts on this ever- shifting platform.


Video content is queen these days. And the most favoured content of all is Reels. Instagram has made it clear that they are prioritizing video posts in all feeds, and Reels are the go-to. As for the exact nature of content? The more creative, authentic, entertaining, educational, and shareable it is, the better. But don’t repurpose directly from TikTok – they need to be created for IG specifically to get results. Note: One of the best ways to get new followers (and clients or customers) is from people sharing your posts with their followers or friends.


When it comes to Reels, pairing them with fun, trending music is also key. But what if you are a Business account and can’t access the full music catalogue? Well, you can look at the benefits of switching to Entrepreneur. Or, if you are truly creating regular original content for Instagram (and are an individual), you could switch to Creator mode which also gives you full access to trending songs. If neither of those are an option, you can always save audio from other Reels and use it when you are creating yours. To do this, simply click on the scrolling audio that appears at the bottom of the Reel and then select ‘save audio’. Easy breezy.


Earlier this year, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram was quoted as saying that hashtags generally won’t result in more views or increase distribution. People were like ‘whaaat?’ Experts jumped and clarified that it’s true, hashtags really are more about providing context. Also, that quality over quantity definitely applies when it comes to your hashtag approach. These days, using 3-5 hashtags is ideal but don’t forget to switch them up. Using the same hashtags over and over may get flagged as spam, which means to the bottom of the algorithm you go.


Although not new, Instagram Guides can be a great way for people to find you — and for you to really showcase your expertise. They provide users with a simple way to consume a curated collection of your Instagram posts. Guides can focus on tips, services, products, places… you name it. And they are housed conveniently right on your profile, in the Guides tab. Even though they were launched a couple years ago, they are still relatively underused — which makes them a great way to set your brand apart on Instagram. For more tips, including 10 ways to use Guides as a marketing tool, check out this article.

Need more inspiration for your Instagram feed? We’ll leave you with three accounts that we love to follow — all great examples of inspiration, education, and creativity in action. Take note!

@thehomeedit These gals built their business on Instagram… all the way to their own Netflix Show! Their feed is the perfect mix of uber professional and keeping it real.

@jillian.harris We can’t count the number of times new clients have said this is their dream aesthetic. And for good reason: Jillian has done an amazing job of building a beautiful brand presence all while staying on top of trends and being super authentic. Not an easy feat!

@latermedia Vancouver’s very own Later is our scheduling platform of choice. They also have a fantastic blog that’s always up on the latest tips. Following them on IG is a great way to stay on top of IG trends and updates.