Facebook Advertising: Do’s & Don’ts

- BySonam Ram



Advertising through the realm of Facebook is an integral part of most companies’ social media strategies these days. Companies can no longer rely on organic reach, partly because Facebook practically requires advertising, and partly because Facebook users see more in their News Feeds than ever before.

Facebook Ads is the ideal way to drive traffic to your company’s or client’s page. However, it is important to follow some guidelines when creating ads to ensure that they are effective (i.e. not all ads work). Here, we outline the do’s and don’ts of utilizing Facebook Ads to leverage your clients’ social media strategies.


  • Target specific people. Proper targeting is the key to driving the right people to your Facebook page.

  • You can use Facebook’s Detailed Targeting Tool to narrow down the exact group of people that will see your ads, and target people based on demographics, interests, behaviours and other key factors. Be sure to fine-tune your targeting, so you reach the people who want to buy what you’re selling.

  • Always define a clear objective for the ad, and use a clear call to action.

  • When designing your ad, don’t forget that Facebook Ads need to include less than 20% text.

  • Be strategic about your budget. Facebook’s advertising tool is cost efficient so you don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars on ads, but you might need to spend hundreds to see your traffic soar.

  • Use the Facebook Insights tool frequently to see how your ads perform and determine which types of ads do/don’t work for your target audiences.


  • Don’t create ads that require too much contemplation to understand, include too many words, or lack a clear call to action.

  • Don’t forget to proofread before publishing your ad. Sending out ads into the Facebook universe with typos, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is a big no-no! Depending on how many dollars are spent on these ads, a large number of people could see your error quickly.

  • Don’t run multiple ads at the same time targeting the same audiences. You’ll only annoy people and risk losing their Likes.

  • Don’t ignore consumer complaints and negative feedback. Numerous people will see your ad, so you want to make sure you’re answering questions, responding to comments and monitoring the post.

Within Facebook Ads, you have the options to create either a promoted post or a boosted post based upon your ad’s objectives. Both are efficient methods of advertising, but results may vary.

As with any tool in the marketing world, Facebook Ads should be used properly and efficiently to produce effective results. Bottom line: No matter how large or small your company, you will successfully increase your audience and engagement with Facebook Ads.