Pro Tips for Creating Impactful UGC Campaigns

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, one star consistently shines brighter than the rest: user-generated content (UGC). We’ve seen firsthand the magnetic power of UGC to draw communities closer, amplify brand messages, and authentically engage audiences. Today, we’re diving into the world of UGC campaigns, sharing pro tips and showcasing three examples from some […]

10 Marketing Trends We’re Paying Attention to in 2024

We are a month into the new year and the marketing landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Keeping up with the evolution of marketing is what we’re all about here at TSA, and these are 10 trends we’ll be tracking in 2024: 1) AI in Marketing AI From TikTok’s creative filters to exploring the […]

Spring Cleaning Tips… for Your Website

Your website is an essential tool for attracting and engaging with customers. Perhaps, THE essential tool! However, just like your physical space, it also requires regular attention to stay fresh and effective. Now that spring is officially in the air, we think it’s the perfect time to give your website a thorough review. Here are […]

Keeping it Reel on Instagram

Keeping up with social media best practices can feel challenging at the best of times, and that’s especially true for the always enigmatic Instagram. Trying to determine what content is going to resonate, how to best reach new followers and stave off follower fatigue are the three million dollar questions. Given the latest changes (and […]

The Secret to a Successful PR Campaign

Is you. You are the secret sauce. You tell a story. You provide a new perspective. By highlighting the ‘you’ in your PR outreach, your pitch will stand out. The media aren’t interested in a brochure. They are interested in a story. Now it’s likely the ‘you’ isn’t actually you. And that’s ok. You just […]

10 Tips for Creating Your Own Beautiful Infographics

One of the best ways to encourage more saves (and beat that algorithm!) is to create and share an infographic. Visual illustrations, like infographics and carousel posts, are a game-changer in terms of providing valuable content that people want to save to view later.

Quizzes that Convert

Ready to launch a quiz for your businesses? Here are a few of the best quizzes we’ve seen (and created) to help grow audiences + build conversions.