Best Year Ever: Setting Your 2023 Intentions with Lisa van Reeuwyk

- ByThe Social Agency

New year, new you? As clichéd as that saying is, we must admit there’s something to it. Nothing like a brand new year to set some new goals and conduct a little soul-searching audit to find out what truly makes us tick.

Thankfully we know someone who is great at helping provide some clarity and direction in this area. Lisa van Reeuwyk is not only the highly intuitive and motivating business coach behind Bloom Business Development, she’s the person we turned to to help us re-imagine The Social Agency in a way that it re-aligned with our personal wants and goals. Needless to say, we loved working with her. 

With the new year ahead of us, we thought it was the perfect time to check in with Lisa. Read on for our Q&A and her thoughtful tips on kicking off the new year with intention.

TSA: Do you have any rituals or practices for setting intentions for a new year?

Great question, I have several cherished rituals for settling intentions and also reflecting back on a year and preparing for a new one.

Just as our bodies innately know when it’s the anniversary of an important date, like the loss of a loved one, my soul starts to ponder on a key theme for the upcoming year. For 2022 my core theme was Brave with the undertone of being soft yet strong, aka, being gentle with myself while setting healthy boundaries and speaking my truth. It was a transformative year and as I look to 2023, I’ve settled into the themes of Curiosity and Play. I’m excited for the adventures that await.

For business, I wrap up my 12 Month Planner, a workbook I created for a workshop on how to plan your year with intention that integrates morning routines, revenue projections, both monthly reviews and reflections on what is working & how you can stretch your comfort zone in alignment with that vision you work so hard for each day. It takes less than 45 minutes each year – and voilà, I’ve got a framework in place to function like a North Star. 

Personally, I read Tarot and Oracle cards and each New Year’s Eve, my family and I pull cards from our favourite decks as we look to the year ahead with intention. During the last week of the year I do an in-depth Tarot reading for myself.

I’m also a huge fan of decluttering and donating to welcome in a new year. I can’t tell you how many times a new opportunity flows into my life or inbox when we clear space. Clutter is like a bad latte, when you have too much coffee in the cup, there simply isn’t room left for that frothy milk, and I’m all about that creamy frothy oat milk on top baby!


TSA: You speak about the importance of ‘creating more pause’ in our day-to-day lives. I imagine that’s a goal for many in 2023. Can you share some tips on how to achieve this?

The great struggle of our time is creating more pause isn’t it? Being responsive versus reactive or simply taking time to be, rather than do can transform a conversation, a relationship and a life. 

As you read this list, I encourage you to notice which ones feel like good ideas to you and forget about the rest:

  • Engage in a morning routine, or what I call a sacred morning ritual. One for waking up and another for your work day.
  • Use a free Focus Keeper app, commit to focused uninterrupted work.
  • Take regular mini breaks.
  • Create moments of quiet in your day, like turning off the music in the car.
  • Engage in your gratitude practice when you’re in a line-up, the shower or doing dishes.
  • Try doorway mindfulness, take a breath, a smile or a thought of thanks as you pass through the doorways of your life

The second category of tips is what I call Device Damage Control, as our devices regularly interfere with moments to pause and be present. 

  • Put your phone down far enough away from you that you need to physically get up to use it. Research shows this will decrease your daily pick-ups by 30%.
  • Instead of pulling out your phone when you’re in a line-up or waiting, focus on being present instead. Get grounded in your breath, root your feet and go inside as you take in your surroundings.
  • Create device-free zones in your home (Ex: dinner table, bedroom, etc).
  • Create device free times in your day, make it work for your schedule and start small.
  • Keep your notifications off, especially for email. (You know they’re coming, and those notifications are scientifically proven to disrupt productivity and negatively impact your health.)
  • Charge your phone overnight in your bathroom or another floor of the house. (Get a sunrise alarm if you use your phone to wake up.)
  • Set times for checking your messages, so you can be responsive not reactive, while minimizing the pull on your focus.


TSA: We love your suggestion on how to elevate a Monday morning and kick off a new week (hint: it involves not working;). Please tell us more.

Ha ha, yes I block off every Monday morning until after lunch to not work, sort of! My calendar is blocked so people cannot book meetings. I use this time to look at the week and prepare intentionally for what lies ahead. I often book a wellness appointment or go for a walk in nature with a past client, friend or ‘frient’ (client + friend). I’m a big fan of leaving 30% of your week open, as it gives you space for new opportunities, shifting things around and that sacred alone time to think, pause, reflect, innovate and create.


TSA: What’s one piece of advice you would love to go back and share with your 25 year old self?

If it isn’t a fuck yeah, make it a no. And that guidance comes from within, listen to your inner voice and trust it.


TSA: Lastly, what are you most excited to accomplish/undertake in 2023? 

For my business, a large undertaking is launching Bloom Business Development’s Online Learning Academy. I have so many workshops for entrepreneurs that will now be accessible to a far greater reach at an accessible price.

This year I’m engaging in a 12 New Habits Challenge, engaging in one new tiny habit monthly that is both easy to do and something I’m genuinely excited to do. The kick off challenge for January is to eat a spoonful of sauerkraut daily, as I know the power of fermented food and see this is a really doable challenge for early success. What could yours be?

Personally, I’m continuing to heal old patterns as I invest in my wellness through a range of modalities. I’m committed to spending more time outside (this will be part of my habits challenge) as I lean into my theme of curiosity and play.

Thank you so much Lisa – I know we are certainly feeling more inspired reading this. Here’s to 2023!

PS: We definitely recommend following @lisabloom – her feed is highly informative, motivating and entertaining. Win-win-win.