Behind-the-Scenes at the Hands-on Cook-off Launch!

- ByMonica Krake

On Sunday, we brought together a group of reporters, chefs, food bloggers and all-in-all extraordinary parents to help Better Together launch this years (fifth anniversary!) Hands-on Cook-off contest– which officially opens today!

 (An attentive class takes notes during the demo by Chef Takashi.)

If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking a class at the Dirty Apron, you’ll want to get right on that. Sunday’s class, led by Chef Takashi, was awesome. We learned the right way to crack an egg (you’re probably doing it wrong!), to hold a knife, use an egg wash, make a rue, and fill a ramekin with chocolate soufflé (i.e. don’t overfill). Even the youngest of the crew-  age 5- was a real pro putting her new knife skills to the test. And bonus, when you make something yourself you’re more likely to try it, a fact that has great appeal to the parents of picky eaters out there. Does it still count if it’s chocolate soufflé? We think so.


 (Gail Johnson/The Georgia Straight & her son Hartley)
The real reason for this class? Children benefit greatly from being invited into the kitchen. That’s the message behind Better Together’s Hands-on Cook-off and it’s the reason we had such an enthusiastic group of media out to lend their support to announce this contest. Studies show that kids who cook and eat together with their families enjoy better grades in school, are physically healthier, better socially adjusted and even have improved mental health. The truth is, cooking empowers kids in many ways. So, check out this contest!

Big thanks to all who joined us to cook up a storm on Sunday: the Georgia Straight’s Gail Johnson & son Hartley; CKNW’s Michael Eckford & son Will; Yoyomama’s Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit & her little lady; Blogger Karen Humphrey & friend Zoe; The Thirties Grind, Melissa Carr & daughter Cait; Vitamin Daily’s Sarah Bancroft & daughter Charlotte; Food Blogger Rebecca Coleman & son Michael, and our in-house Vegetarian Master Chef, Kirstin Richter with daughter Eden.

Kirstin & Eden, represent.