‘Back to school’: What we’re manifesting this fall!

- ByMonica Krake

Written by Monica Krake, TSA Co-Founder

No matter what stage we may be at in our business or life, September always feels like ‘back to school’ month as it brings the energy of new possibilities. While the term ‘professional development’ doesn’t necessarily have an inspiring ring to it, this time of year really does call many of us into new states of learning and personal growth.

What I’ve noticed working with all types of business owners over the years (and in the work I do as a breathwork practitioner) is that people feel way more inspired towards growth when they’re clear on what they actually value in their lives and businesses. For example, whether you place value on personal freedom and flexibility, having a luxurious life, making an impact, being of service, or growing your wealth and security, the important thing is that your true values (not the values you were taught growing up or that our culture upholds) are reflected in the way you run your business, and of course your life. Having this clarity brings the energy of transformation – along with the necessary support of the practical aspects like a marketing plan, SEO strategy, solid team, etc. 

On that note, here is a mix of practical and spiritual resources to inspire you this month, on everything from tech news, SEO tips, manifesting, finance, and health. These are all resources I’ve personally been exploring and love. Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s a resource you’d like to share back! 

  1. The Daily Hustle! This daily round up provides a mix of business and tech news that you can easily skim through to find out what the big companies are  up to in the tech and business world. Every day, there’s something in their round up that I actually want to know and their entertaining writing style is just the ticket. Sign up here. 
  2. Ahref’s. So, if you think SEO is only something experts can do well, take a look at Ahrefs’s blog and newsletter, which are packed with case studies that are super simple to understand and make anyone feel like it’s possible to organically grow search traffic for their business…and it is! (We see it all the time at TSA). With SEO, a good strategy goes a long way and it’s also great to see how other similar businesses do it. Ahrefs gives lots of great examples and how-to’s, like this profile on Zapier’s SEO strategy, and this one on getting SEO traffic from Pinterest
  3. Podcasts are my favourite way of learning everything these days. I take them on hikes and jogs, when my brain is most open to learning and absorbing. I mostly listen to spiritual or personal growth related shows, which in my opinion completely relates to how I’m showing up in my work (we’re one person, after all). Here are three episodes that have really inspired me this month:
  • This episode with Ray Dalio on The Daily Hustle podcast explained economics through history, what’s driving the current debt crisis, and some gems from his own rollercoaster to success, all of which is relevant to businesses of all kinds, everywhere, then and now. 
  • This podcast chat about investing with a manifesting lens, with Lacy of To Be Magnetic. She started her uber successful business at 30 years old living with her mom, learned how to become a practical investor along the way, and shares how she did it. 
  • This episode interview with Vancouver-based Dr. Sukhi Muker on shifting into a life of health and success offers an inspiring lens on how prioritizing our health impacts our lives on all levels. I found this so inspiring, as he shared his own story of success, which is a powerful one. For anyone who’s struggled with depression, this episode is a must listen. 
  1. Books: I haven’t picked up a business book in a while as I’ve been reading fiction all summer, but I’m ready, and these are the one’s I’m reading this fall! 
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Smith, who’s been called a ‘wealth wizard’ by Forbes magazine and credited with teaching a generation how to earn more, save more and invest, without sacrificing your values and desires. Whatever our jobs/businesses may be, this book offers advice on how to see our income as investment potential in new ways. Also, I’m going to finally pick up the classic, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which I’ve always wanted to read! 
  • Principles: Life & Work by Ray Dalio, a best-selling superbook that explains the rise and fall of financial systems over the years, and what he’s personally learned as the “Steve Jobs of investing”. I’ve been wanting to read this for some time, and listening to the podcast above, sealed that.
  • FY1: For Your Improvement: A Guide for Development and Coaching (4th Edition) For Leaders, Mentors, and Feedback, by Michael M. Lombardo. This is supposed to be an incredible gem of a book for anyone wanting to hone practical leadership skills. 

That’s what’s inspiring my back-to-school vibe right now. How about you? Let me know if you’ve come across any professional or personal development inspiration, I’d love to hear from you! monica@thesocialagency.ca