Allow us to introduce ourselves!

- ByKirstin Richter

Not only is the The Social Agency an exceptionally dynamic social media marketing & public relations company; we’ve got a ton of experience producing crowd-pleasing events, a fascination with the world of social media, and last but not least, a talent for having a whole lot of fun!
We thought it might be fun to share some random facts to help us all get acquainted…


As a child, deeply connected with the characters on Dallas and Dynasty
As an adult, connects more with the people of East Van
Favorite charity: Genesis Vancouver
Most memorable trips: India, Spain and Norway
Hidden expertise: elaborate cake decorating
Recently acquired skill: removing red wine stains
Biggest accomplishment to date: childbirth and marriage in one month (too personal?)
Pet peeve: that everything profound is a cliché
Like a lot: on-line shopping
Loves: critiquing ecommerce sites
Passionately loves: fake e-check outs
Most intrigued by: the human condition


Celebrates her birthday on 7/11 which makes her a Cancer
Has a lot of pink and black in her closet
Loves Love Story (book and movie)
Knows what a bunnyhug is
Will always listen to Simon & Garfunkel
Likes to drink Pimm’s and Ginger at Subeez
Lives on top of a mountain with her husband, toddler and black labrabull
Collects takeout menus and purses
Is slightly addicted to her iPhone
Is definitely addicted to Dr. Pepper SlurpeeS
Has been watching Y&R since she was nine
Makes a mean breakfast sandwich


Loves British comedy (sometimes more than her own children, who are pretty darn cute)
Dreams of hosting a dinner party with Jennifer Saunders, Steve Jobs, J. K. Rowling, William Gibson, Stephen Colbert, and Lucille Ball
Likes to sew & knit (time permitting) views such projects as 3D real-time puzzles
Still cries when watching Bambi
Grew up with an astrologer for a mom, knows what it means when “Mercury is retrograde in your second house”
Is daily amazed by the stunning beauty of living in Vancouver
Strives to be better poker a player
Views teenagers as a foreign species (there’s at least 3 in her house at any given time) but kinda cool too
Hides her chocolate stash in the vegetable crisper (no one ever looks in there!)
Digs all things unexplainable

We look forward to connecting! Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself so please pop by and say hi.

The Social Agency

The Social Agency is a social media marketing and public relations company based in Vancouver, BC. We take the “why” out of “why social media” and the “what” out of “what is pr” by providing our clients with top-notch Vancouver internet marketing services. Let us get people talking about your next big thing!