50 Ways To Love Your Love

- ByThe Social Agency

We recently started working with an amazing woman named Tara Caffelle, a Relationship Coach, who’s improving lives, and love lives, everywhere she goes! We’ve been learning a thing or two. To celebrate this day of amour, we’re sharing the following guest blog post by Tara. Enjoy & happy Valentine’s Day! xo

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Love is a choice. I think as we go through life with our partners, it isn’t always sunshine and roses; sometimes we’re flipping the bird at our partner when their back is turned, or just enjoying that moment when they slip off to work without you in the morning, but we still choose to stay. We choose to love them, warts n’ all. Similarly, I think we see what look for; if we’ve decided that our spouse is an annoying pain in the ass, that’s what we will see, and if we choose to see them as loving and lovable all the time, we will also see THAT.

As I go through my days with my lovely partner and the people in my life, I have been looking for and noticing all the ways that we all love each other and so I bring to you:

50 ways to love the ones we love:

  1. Making him coffee in the morning.
  2. Asking for her thoughts on major life decisions.
  3. Asking for his thoughts on small life decisions.
  4. Picking up the check at dinner.
  5. Scooping up and placing the cat in her lap when she’s had a long day.
  6. Warming up his side of the bed as he brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.
  7. Always remembering to put the toilet seat down.
  8. Sending a text while she’s at work that says “I can’t wait for you to get home, my love.”
  9. Leaving a note in his lunch that he’ll find when you’re not there.
  10. Insisting that she call when she’s arrived safely at her destination.
  11. Mailing a card to him that will arrive when you’re out of town on business.
  12. Not complaining when she takes up most of the bed. Every night.
  13. Fill his car with gas.
  14. Always ask if there’s anything you can pick up on the way home.
  15. Opening the car door for him.
  16. Be willing to talk about minor squabbles.
  17. Leave messages on the mirror for her to find when she gets ready.
  18. Changing out the empty toilet paper roll.
  19. Being excited about the things your partner is excited about, even if they wouldn’t typically interest you.
  20. Compliment her outfit when you’re going out for Date Night.
  21. Laugh at his jokes.
  22. Bake cookies for him to take to work and share (or not!)
  23. Carry the heavy things out to the car.
  24. Go find ice in the hotel.
  25. Asking, each morning, what she would like for breakfast, and then offering to make it.
  26. Knowing the right time to suggest ordering take-out for dinner.
  27. Brag about her when she’s not there.
  28. Like all of his photos on Instagram.
  29. Folding his underwear more neatly than he does himself.
  30. Waking up and having her hear “Good morning, beautiful” before she even opens her eyes.
  31. Running to get the car and bring it closer to the door so she doesn’t have to walk in the rain.
  32. Excitedly learn all about him; his hopes, dreams, and past.
  33. Loving her pets just as much as she does.
  34. Say “I love you” every chance you get.
  35. Take care of your body; eat well, get enough sleep, go to the doctor for regular checks.
  36. Laugh and find joy each day.
  37. Dream about the future together.
  38. Create rituals of togetherness like Date Nights or Family Jammie Days
  39. Always give him the bigger, more beautifully presented plate of food.
  40. Be honest, but kind.
  41. Smile.
  42. Hug your partner when they get home without exception.
  43. Say, “Thank you for choosing me and being someone I’m sure of.”
  44. Make homemade chicken soup when she’s sick.
  45. Notice when she gets her hair cut.
  46. Always kiss goodnight, even if you’re mad at each other. (You can continue the fight tomorrow.)
  47. Fall in love with their family.
  48. Laugh uproariously at body functions.
  49. Offer to share your bacon.
  50. Show your partner this list and add a few items to it.   

Happy loving, everyone!