5 Ways to Refresh Your Brand’s Social Media Presence This Summer

- ByThe Social Agency

Ah, summer! It’s the season of sun, fun, and vibrant energy. What better time than now to infuse some of that summer spirit into your brand’s social media profiles? At The Social Agency, we believe a seasonal refresh can work wonders for engaging with your audience in more delightful and dynamic ways. Below our team shares their tips to spruce up your social media strategies and make your brand stand out and look its best this summer.

#1 – Host a Summer-Themed Photoshoot

Nothing says summer like fresh, bright, and lively images. Consider booking a photoshoot that captures your products or services in summer settings—think beach scenes, poolside lounging, or a sunny picnic. 

For service-based businesses, you could showcase your team in action outdoors, or highlight a product in a summer-y setting. Use these photos across your social platforms to instantly add a seasonal touch to your profiles. It’s a visually appealing way to attract attention and refresh your brand image.

Looking for a local photographer? Brit Gill and Anita Lee are two we love working with! 

#2 – Run a Giveaway this Summer

Everyone loves a good contest, and summer offers the perfect opportunity to run engaging competitions that not only give back to your social media community, but also help grow your following. 

Whether it’s a photo contest asking followers to share how they use your product in their summer adventures or a creative caption contest for a funny beach photo, contests can drive engagement and grow your following. Plus, they’re a great way to give back to your community with summer-themed prizes that celebrate the season.

Need some inspo? Here’s an example of a fun, summer giveaway we ran for our friends at Rainmaker Wines last summer. 

# 3 – Host an Event or a Pop-Up

If your brand has a local presence, summer is a fabulous opportunity to bring your online community into the real world with some lively events or pop-up shops. Imagine your restaurant or winery hosting an alfresco dining experience under the stars or a laid-back wine tasting with live music. These gatherings are not just fun; they’re perfect for capturing shareable moments that help bring your social media to life.

Don’t forget about virtual events, too! They’re a great way to include followers who might not be able to join in person. Maybe your restaurant could offer a live-streamed cooking class focusing on fresh summer ingredients, or do a virtual happy hour tasting where participants order a sample of their favourite wines in advance. (And speaking of wine – this event looks pretty fun!)

When it comes to getting the word out, we recommend using social media to build up the excitement with teaser posts, countdown stories, and maybe even a sneak peek at what’s going on behind the scenes. During the event, encourage your guests to post and tag your location. 

#4 – Collaborate with Local Influencers

Another fun way to shake things up for the summer is to consider partnering with local creators. These folks are not just about their follower counts; they embody the summer spirit and have a genuine connection with their community. Imagine them showcasing your products as part of their daily beach trips or weekend hikes. It’s relaxed, it’s authentic, and it speaks directly to your audience.

What’s great about working with these influencers is the dual benefit: their fresh content can enliven your brand’s feed, and it also gives you a bit of a breather from constantly needing to produce new content yourself. You can effortlessly share what they’re posting, making your content schedule a little lighter. It’s a win-win, saving you time while also diversifying your content in the most engaging way!

Here’s a recent partnership we set up for the folks at BC Bird Trail that helped shine a light on some of the local hotspots for birding. And, here’s one we did last summer to help promote the Steveston Salmon Festival to a new audience.

#5 – Give Your Accounts a Summer Glow Up

Consider jazzing up your profile pictures, cover photos, and graphics to reflect the sunny days. This could mean incorporating new images from your summer photoshoot (see above) or by subtly integrating more vibrant pops of colour to your feed to reflect the season. Canva has some great templates to get you started!

Updating your social media for the summer isn’t just about looking good—it’s about engaging actively with the seasonal activities your audience loves. These tweaks and content ideas will not only rejuvenate your profiles but also boost your engagement and visibility when it counts. So, are you ready to start planning your social media content for the summer? Let The Social Agency guide you through crafting fun, strategic social media initiatives that capture the essence of this vibrant season.