2021 Summer Horoscope

- ByThe Social Agency

So, way back when TSA launched our agency in 2009, there were three founding partners: Monica Krake, Kirstin Richter and Kelly Benson. At that time we specialized in marketing AND event production, and Kelly was one of the most sought after event organizers around town. Fast forward 12 years, and Kelly’s no longer a marketing maven: today she’s a published Astrologer. We reached out to her this summer partly because we miss her and partly to ask her to share a summer horoscope for our blog. Here it is, folks!

The following Summer Horoscope is written by Astrologer + Tarot Reader, Kelly Benson. If you’re into astrology or curious to book a reading, learn more about Kelly’s Astrology + Tarot readings here.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The focus on home, family and the ground beneath your feet become a predominant theme as you strive to improve the lifestyle habits and practices that truly serve you. Reflection and contemplation open up your heart making more room for compassion for yourself and authentic expressions. This makes for an excellent time to set better standards for yourself and those you love. As a natural maverick, you’re eager and ready to champion causes you believe in and proudly share your uniqueness with the world. The New Moon on July 9th encourages you to nurture yourself, your home, and to strengthen your emotional ties with others. You’re ready to bring more balance into your life and smooth out the rough edges that have been holding you back. Activities such as DIY projects, home renovations and repairs, and friendly summer gatherings are nourishing for the soul! The Full Moon on July 23rd might call into question your current work/life balance. You’re well served prioritizing matters at home and letting your career work around your needs. The New Moon occurring on August 8th energizes you to reach for your goals and blaze new pathways. It’s also a fortuitous time for romantic experiences and artistic expression. Listen to your creative nature and the call that comes from within.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Despite adjustments that required patience and hard work, you can now enjoy the fruits of your labour! This summer, your natural leadership abilities have helped you improve relations with colleagues and coworkers. While some doors have closed (pushing you to reassess your value systems), new doors are opening! Passionate encounters with romantic or inspiring people will reignite your strong heart. These encounters might even push you to champion a meaningful cause. Your energy is high and you feel more optimistic about the future despite the challenges that lay before you. Time with those on your wavelength will allow you a chance to float ideas and get some quality feedback. The New Moon occurring on July 9th activates your house of teaching, learning, mental agility, communications and connections with others. This means now is the time to stretch your awareness and get curious about life and the world around you. The Full Moon on July 23rd might bring issues to light about mindsets, attitudes or practices that you’ve outgrown. Be patient with others who might not agree with your ability to see the world with a fresh perspective. The New Moon occurring on August 8th activates your career and the causes you serve. Opportunities that support your goals will be available! Keep your eyes open. Get ready to take a bold step that requires faith and courage. You’ve got this, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Creative activities that celebrate artistic endeavours are inspiring and Delightful! New romance and novel experiences keep you engaged making this a lovely time for explorations and adventure. While new ideas and fresh inspiration put a dance in your step, you’re also ready to get serious about something and you’re not afraid of the commitment required. It’s a strong time for personal growth as you deepen your connection with yourself and your authentic needs and wants. This is the time to invest in yourself (energetically and financially) and the amazing life you’re creating. Yes, there have been stalls and setbacks, but maybe those setbacks made you realize how much you really want that special ‘something’. The New Moon occurring on July 9th will encourage you to delve inwards and ask yourself what you really want — not just in your career, but in your relationships and your quality of life in general. You may well discover you’re halfway there already! The Full Moon on July 23rd will trigger issues around joint finances and shared responsibility. Be sure you’re taking care of your garden and refrain from taking on more than your fair share. (You might have to remind someone of the responsibilities you’re currently juggling.) The New Moon occurring on August 8th is in fire and that stimulates your air sign nature. Your optimism will be high and you will be eager to share your insights with others. Friendships and new connections will be favoured, making this a lovely time for playful adventures.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Happy Birthday, Cancer! The Sun is now moving through your sign giving you a boost of energy and increasing your natural intuition, empathy and healing abilities. You may feel more passionate about something making this a powerful time to initiate lasting changes. This a favourable time to prioritize yourself, your needs, and your long-term aims. An important choice regarding career and how to best invest in those aims may be on the table. The Cancer New Moon occurring July 9th is the only New Moon in your sign all year. Give some thoughtful consideration to what you want to bring to fruition. What aspirations do you want to champion this next year around the Sun? Move at your own pace and listen to your natural instincts. The Full Moon on July 23rd might call into question inner blockages or a disparity in value systems and joint responsibilities. You’re eager to move forward and in order to do so, you might have the release yourself from a belief system that’s been holding you back. You’re ready to let go of past experiences, mindsets, people and activities that don’t reflect your values. The New Moon on August 8th will encourage you to celebrate what and who you love. Financial investments are likely as are some much-earned celebrations!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

You’re well-served getting a little quiet time for rest and contemplation. Your birthday is coming and it’s a natural time for reflection as you look back over your past year. Deliberation is best done with a light heart and a compassionate mindset as you allow the losses and setbacks to settle into the review mirror. As you look forward, remind yourself of all that gold still remains, including your courageous heart and your firecracker spirit, Leo! Refresh your mind and body and stretch your soul. Friendships and new relationships are favoured making it a lovely time for romance and meaningful connections. The New Moon on July 9 offers you a chance to loving release old wounds and painful memories as you open yourself up to what lies ahead. You’re a powerful sign and like it or not, you have a way of influencing others. Remember, as you shine brightly others are inspired by your authentic voice and this encourages them to shine in their unique way with you. The Full Moon on July 23 occurs in your sign and you might feel more passionate about championing and expressing your truth. Breakthroughs and changes are likely to occur. The New Moon on August 8th is the only New Moon in your sign all year making this an excellent time to seed your intentions and align yourself with goals and ambitions that speak to you.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Major opportunities related to education and career are on the table this summer, Virgo. You might be called to study or work somewhere different than you’re accustomed to, which will push you to adapt to new environments. You’re ready for positive changes that will help you expand and evolve. Teaching opportunities arise; you might be asked to mentor someone or help those who are in a less fortunate position. Being of service (in a big or small role) is meaningful to you, which means you will step up to the responsibilities placed before you. Remember to honour the people who you support when you’re up and more importantly when you’re down – they all deserve a nod of appreciation. (Spread the love around a little.) The New Moon occurring on July 9th will activate your long-term view of the future and highlight the important steps required to get there. When you envision your long-term future — what stands out the most? The people, the activities, the location? These are clues to what needs attention now. The Full Moon on July 23rd might bring issues to light regarding friendships, team experiences and group mindsets. Be patient as you navigate these waters, your ‘fix-it’ attitude can help eliminate obstacles and get back on track. The New Moon on August 8th is a good time to slow down so you can stop and smell the roses. Reconnecting with your deeper spiritual side will be beneficial. Make time for a little get-away or activities that help you feel more centred. Do it.

Libra (Sept. 21 – Oct. 22)

Your house of career, authority and reputation is activated now, Libra. Expect positive outcomes as a result of your efforts! Job opportunities and career advancements are possible, which will offer you an advantage. Give some quality thought as to what you want your career to look like over the next few years. It’s a favourable time to grow your talents and take the initiative. Celebrate your uniqueness and whatever it is that makes you special. The New Moon occurring on July 9th will activate your leadership nature, making you eager to set something in motion. This might range from a passion project to new business enterprises to anything between. Note: You have the stamina and vision to get it off the ground. Helpful friends, mentors, teachers and guides may come across your path. Remember, luck favours the prepared. The Full Moon on July 23rd might bring up feelings of being pulled in multiple directions. It’s okay to slow down and rethink your responsibilities. You might have to remind others that you’re already managing a lot and they need to pick up the slack if they’re as invested in the outcomes as you are. The New Moon occurring on August 8th activates your house of friendship, humanitarian values, and your view of the future. This will be an excellent time for creative ideas, brainstorming and trying new ideas on for size. Romance and friendships are blessed this year, enjoy!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

You are looking for new avenues to pursue, which makes your adventurous nature feel aroused! New opportunities on the career front are also calling your name. This is an excellent time to address some big-ticket aims! You might get the ear of someone important who will help champion your cause or get you a seat at the head table. Because your reputation precedes you, walk tall and proudly show your colours! Joint projects and collaborations can be beneficial for you. It’s key that you remain open to new mindsets and ways of doing things. The New Moon on July 9th offers you an opportunity to nurture your aspirations and take courageous steps in your career. You’re eager to grow and share what you know with others. Remain flexible and open-minded as you tap into a deeper knowledge that helps you repurpose your skills and talents into new endeavours. The Full Moon on July 23rd might call into question issues with colleagues and teachers and the communities to which you relate. If conflicts arise, be patient with yourself and others. Instead, use those moments as an opportunity to grow. The New Moon occurring on August 8th highlights your career pursuits and mission statements. What do you stand for and who or what do you serve? This is a powerful year for adapting, changing and revitalizing your goals.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

You might feel more reflective and introspective at the start of the summer, Sagittarius, Making this a potent time to focus on improving yourself and letting go of any negative patterns that you don’t want to keep repeating. Key relationships in your life push you to look within and make the necessary adjustment so you can have a better quality dialogue with yourself and others. You might feel motivated to sign up for a course or spend time studying and researching. Initiatives that support your career direction are blessed this summer and people in places of influence are ready to help your aims. Expect to be more in the spotlight as you make these bold choices! The New Moon occurring on July 9 gives you an opportunity to get in touch with the value systems that truly inspire you. This is a time to nurturing yourself and those you love. The Full Moon on July 23rd might bring issues to light regarding joint responsibilities and shared financial projects. Be patient with yourself as you reassess situations. You might choose to revise your plans and make some necessary adjustments. The New Moon occurring on August 8th trines your fiery nature and you’re eager to spread your wings as opportunities for travel, adventure, knowledge shares and new connections are on the table!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

You’re focused on your closest relationships right now, Capricorn. You might spend time with a romantic partner, connect with a romantic interest, or collaborate with a friend or someone at work. The integrity of your personal connections will improve now as you make space for the good people in your life. You might be ready to take a relationship to the next level? Perhaps by opening up emotionally or sharing money and resources with someone? In addition, you might act on your interest in therapy and want to do some positive inner work. The New Moon on July 9th offers you a chance for deep healing as well as revitalizing experiences with others. It’s also a good time to consider your interplay with others and how you might be a better listener or a better friend. Note: It’s also key to hold the relationship you have with your own self in high personal regard, too. The Full Moon on July 23rd might call into question issues related to money, joint investments and shared responsibilities. You don’t have to manage everything on your own, it’s ok to ask for help or check in to see what others thinking. The New Moon occurring August 8th will give you an opportunity to reflect on your own values and what you bring to the situations you’re in. You count. Your input has value and you are an integral part of making this world a better place!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

As Saturn moves through your sign, (a two-year journey), you can expect a pivotal time of endings and beginnings to occur. You might be called to take on more responsibility, which can be daunting, but at the same time, you are ready for growth and commitment. Major initiatives are made and this summer is the perfect time for healing and growth. As a number of planets activate your house of health and work, you will focus on efficiency, organization and optimizing your aims. You’re eager to see results and you’re ready to put in the effort that it takes. The New Moon occurring on July 9th will give you an opportunity to embark on new (or new again) lifestyle practices that will benefit you emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. (Hey, it’s all about balance, right?) In addition, job opportunities and improvements at work are possible. If you’ve been looking to expand your professional horizons, now is the time! The Full Moon on July 23rd will bring to light issues at the workplace that needs to change. Be patient and remember that others might be looking to you for advice or guidance. Your words and deeds matter. The New Moon occurring on August 8th will active shared dreams, goals and aspirations connected to personal relationships, perhaps with a partner, a family member, or a good friend. Enjoy this shared communion.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

This is a highly rewarding time for you, Pisces! With so much planetary activity in your house of passion, romance, play, and creative expression, you’re ready to take brave steps to set your goals in motion. This may mean expanding on existing projects and labours of love. It can also mean taking a bold step to get something important off the ground such as a passion project, a new business, or a new relationship. Romantic connections get a big boost now as Jupiter dazzles your sign and encourages your self-confidence and passion for the world. The New Moon on July 9th, in fellow water, favourably aspects your Sun allowing you to light your path through any darkness that has shrouded your view. Explore these new insights of awareness. Trust in your instincts and your creative ability. Your authentic voice will inspire others to let their light shine alongside yours. Be proud of how far you’ve come as you step forward on your path this summer. The New Moon occurring on August 8th, energizes areas to do with employment, work, service and your craft. This will be a strong time to invest in your abilities, equipment or any practice that helps to supports your progress.