15 lessons from 15 years!

- ByThe Social Agency

Back in 2019 we shared a post on 10 things we had learned from 10 years of running TSA. Well, this month we are celebrating TSA’s 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (!) so thought it was a good time to update – and add to – that list.

So, 15 things we’ve learned in the past 15 years? Here goes… (Note: Not all are related to marketing or running a business because, well, there’s more to life than work 😉) 

  1. Know your strengths… and your weaknesses. We don’t all need to be experts in everything. Especially in this constantly changing world of marketing. It is true that team work makes the dream work!
  2. This one is from our last list but it warrants inclusion here: Make it personal. Take time to connect on a human level… with everything you do. It’s the ‘who not how’ approach that can open so many doors and opportunities far beyond grinding on your own. 

  1. And, on the flipside: It’s not personal. As we noted ten years ago, manners aren’t always a given in this industry (or any industry, for that matter). Unanswered emails/calls/DMs are a common occurrence. It can be very frustrating to spend days working on a proposal to not even get a reply, but we’ve (mostly) learned to shake that off.
  2. Be a lifelong learner. Both of us are truly energized when we immerse ourselves in learning something new. For Monica, it’s been launching Head + Heart, offering her own alignment courses and diving deep into the art and science of breathwork. For Kirstin, returning to school this past year to do her Master’s was terrifying at first (and seriously overwhelming) but oh so rewarding!

  1. Celebrate the wins. Big and small. Take time to toast landing that new client or getting that extra media coverage. A proverbial pat on the back goes a long way to keeping the motivation levels high.
  2. Set goals. At the start of each year we like to think about what our version of success for the year ahead looks like. Create a list of what you would like to accomplish – ten new clients, a new certification, annual revenue, how you want to feel in your business – and then check in throughout the year to stay on track.

  1. Take a proper vacation. If totally unplugging isn’t possible, at the very least unplug from work stuff. Remove your work email from your phone and mute client accounts on social. It’s the best way to reset and ensure you feel refreshed when you get back to work.

  1. And, on a similar note… Set boundaries. (Easier said than done, we know!) But, having proper systems in place can really help avoid scope creep. Whether that’s a very clearly stated contract, penalties for late payments, or an upfront discussion about preferred modes of communication, it’s much easier to focus on deliverables when you aren’t constantly feeling stretched by scope creep.
  2. Focus. The ability to multitask is often celebrated but in actuality it’s really not that awesome for you (or the quality of your work). Learning to focus and plan your time accordingly is the best way to truly cross off those to-dos AND ensure you are delivering your best work. We find using timers super effective but here’s some other great tips.
  3. Figure out what or who inspires you. Whether it’s listening to a podcast, reading a Substack from an author whose work is motivational, or a daily meditation practice, these seemingly small things can have a big impact on how our days roll out. Monica loves her breathwork mastermind sessions with friends, getting outside every day, podcasts on being successful yet rested, and reading inspiring fiction and non-fiction. Kirstin is a big fan of long walks in the forest with her dogs, listening to wise people like happiness guru Gretchen Rubin and taking classes at the Y with friends (workout + socializing ftw!).
  4. Delegate. And while a great VA can change your life, we are not just talking about work deliverables. Some of our favourite ways to delegate include delegating our meal prep to companies like FreshPrep or InspiredGo so at the end of a long work day answering “what’s for dinner?” isn’t yet another item on our to-do list.
  5. Clear the clutter. Mental clutter? For sure. But we’re talking actual clutter. Taking a moment to tidy and organize our workspaces is key to our productivity, and some say, abundance, too!
  6. Know yourself… and your colleagues. We love a good ‘personality test’. They can be so illuminating for better understanding how you best function, and how those around you do too. Here’s one of our favourites.
  7. Awareness is the key to everything. We’re talking about awareness around your state of being, which is what you bring to everything you do, and to all of your relationships, across work and life. The path to success in work runs parallel to our awareness of our state of being, and our ability to re-connect with ease and peace within. Of course, Monica is a big fan of doing breathwork and meditation daily (how you breathe = how you live) and Kirstin loves to commune with nature and plan regular getaways to help keep her centered and aligned. 

And, last but definitely not least…

  1. Have fun! Over the years we’ve tried to keep an element of fun to the work we do. This has included trips (Austin + Palm Springs were two notable ones) as well as many team lunches, pedicure sessions, seaside walks, and the occasional happy hour. Taking time to not just talk shop with our team makes us feel more connected. 

Thanks to everyone we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with via TSA these past 15 years – especially our incredible team – we are so appreciative to have had you all in our corner!