10 Tips for Creating Your Own Beautiful Infographics

- ByThe Social Agency

You may have been hearing a lot recently about the importance of having people hit that save button on your Instagram posts, and there’s a reason why: it’s one of the strongest indicators that your content is resonating with your audience. One of the best ways to encourage more saves (and beat that algorithm!) is to create and share an infographic. Visual illustrations, like infographics and carousel posts, are a game-changer in terms of providing valuable content that people want to save to view later. So they need to be part of your marketing strategy, especially on Instagram these days.

Rest assured, you don’t need advanced graphic designer skills or the latest software to create your own infographics. It’s easier than ever to design your own thanks to platforms like Canva, where you can find a wide array of icons and images to bring your infographic to life. Now, we’re not talking about those old-school ones in your high school textbook. We’re talking about the contemporary ones lighting up our social feeds these days. Bright, colourful and highly visual are all key components to a successful social media infographic.

To help you get inspired, take a look at some of the infographics we’ve created for our clients.
Guide to cooking eggs and guide to roasting winter veggies via We Heart Local BC

8 foods high in iron via BodaHealth

10 family dinner theme nights via Better Together BC

And here are some other really popular ones we just love:

The best coffee maker for your zodiac sign via @thekitchn

Self-care sunday tips via @alexisadams.co

12 healthy daily habits via @stephaniekaynutrition

So how can you create one of these? Here are our top 10 tips for creating your first brand-worthy infographic.

  1. Apply your branding to the graphic – logos, colours, and fonts so the infographics look cohesive on your Instagram feed.

  2. Add in your Instagram handle to the bottom of the image so even if the infographic is reposted it’ll be credited to you. Increased exposure= win-win!

  3. Ensure the text size is large enough to be easily read and you use a square format. Sometimes it can be hard to fit all the important info into the image, but anything that is hard to read will be easily skimmed by IG viewers. Opt for less text and you’ll reach more of your audience.

  4. Use clear, and fun icons to go with the text on your graphics. Canva is our personal favourite platform for creating infographics in a jiffy. Click Templates and type in Infographics and you’ve got a whole collection of infographic templates to edit and stylize to your liking.

  5. Brainstorm an informative and timely topic for your infographic to connect with them in more meaningful ways. Think about what’s trending or seasonal. This one was shared at the start of spring for our client We Heart Local BC.

  6. Share a bold caption with a strong call-to-action with your infographic on Instagram. While the image should speak for itself, it’s important to encourage conversions like DMs, saves and comments on your post. How to do this? Consider adding one of these lines to your caption:

    Like, save and share ✨

    Make sure to save this for the next time you’re __________

    Was this helpful? Save for quick reference in the future.

    Which one would you pick? Let us know below.

    Got any questions? Send us a DM.

  7. Be consistent. Aim to share a minimum of two infographics per month and your tuned in audience will start anticipating these.

  8. Track your analytics. Take a look at the infographics you’ve shared to track how many people are saving them or sharing with others via DM – which can get you bonus points in Instagram’s algorithm. If your infographic is not getting any traction then it’s time to rethink your design and captions.

  9. Promote them. Adding a small budget like $5-$10 on your Instagram post can help you reach new audiences and even attract new followers.

  10. Have fun with it! Choose a fun unique topic and avoid generic topics of information people already know.

  • Instead of 5 yoga positions to try → 5 yoga positions for better posture.

  • 5 types of BC white wine → 5 wine and cheese pairings

We hope this list of tips will help you get started on creating your very own infographics! And of course, if you’re looking for support with graphic design and asset creation, our social media marketing team is here to help you! Connect with us to learn more.