In 2014, we pitched the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets’ team on doing a BC-wide campaign, to encourage more people throughout the province to shop at their local farmers’ markets.

This project was a natural passion for us, as we deeply believe in the social, environmental, and nutritional benefits of eating local and supporting local farmers.  

We couldn’t be more excited to design and execute a campaign to bring more people into the markets we love!

The campaign was named “It Feels Better at the Farmers’ Market” and launched with a three pronged approach:

  1. Our Social Media Campaign centered around a visually engaging Facebook contest. Our strategy involved leveraging influencers, promotional partnerships, and creative advertising.
  2. Our PR outreach was designed to gain widespread public interest in BC markets by promoting the top (research-based) reasons why people choose to shop at a farmers' market. Our approach included developing spokespeople in communities across BC and creating a wide variety of niche story ideas playing upon local news and events.
  3. We developed a Marketing Toolkit to educate & equip each of the individual markets and stakeholders to become spokespeople for the campaign in their community.  Key pieces we developed for this kit included informative infographics and branded images to be shared on social media, along with a series of humorous promotional videos.

This campaign achieved more than 50 media stories and 250+ #farmersmarketselfie entries from across BC.

In 2015, we designed a subsequent “Meet My Market” campaign, again achieving over 50 media stories and attracting 2800+ contest entries.